Weekuri Lake is Hidden Heaven in Sumba



Nusa Tenggara islands indeed save a million natural beauty that we should not miss, one of the natural beauty that is Lake Weekuri, a lake with a view of the glass-clear water.

Lake Weekuri itself is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Lake Weekuri like a lagoon surrounded by rocks and big cliffs, the lake is famous because it has spectacular scenery, when we look at it from a height then we can know if the lake Weekuri has very clear water.

Water in the lake Weekuri a brackish water (salted) for the location of the lake is situated right beside the sea just separated by cliffs alone, so here we presented two landscapes at once, namely lakes and the sea, the water in Lake Weekuri turquoise, even so crystal clear we could see the sand at the bottom of the lake, you know, moreover, the lake is not too deep so it is suitable for swimming even if you can not swim.

The best time to visit Lake Weekuri is when the dry season, but it is still minimal facilities make obstacles for tourists who want to come here, even so in fact there are just not a few travelers who come to Lake Weekuri desperate to see its beauty.

But with the growing popularity of Lake Weekuri, support facilities will be built to facilitate the tourists who want to come here, well for you who want to go there to look at these below.

Route to Weekuri Lake

Access to Lake Weekuri arguably a bit difficult, you first need to go to Tambolaka first, from Tambolaka you can continue the journey to Lake Weekuri with estimated time of approximately 2 hours of travel by private vehicle, because public transportation is not available to serve these routes.

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