From Melolo to Walakiri Beach


Walakiri Sunset Beach

Why is Sumba interesting may be the classic culture, where some of the individuals are using the big stone for their tomb still, similar to the megalith era. During our go to (myself and Halim) to Waingapu — East Sumba, we prepared to go to a few of the traditional towns that i figure are very well-known. Their house remain traditional and they utilize the tomb with big stone as the grave still. We certainly have talked about with this driver regarding the positioning of the villages, and decided to check out Melolo.

The trip by Waingapu towards the first commune took approximately 2 hours. The real name of the first village is Praiyawang Village. Whenever we originated there, we’re able to only check out several homes on the community on the still left and correct part for the complex. The centre component was devoted for the tombs plus they immediately caught my interest.

A few of the homely houses were utilizing thatched roof, although some used zinc for the top. Among the point that was interesting is definitely how they utilize the cylinder real wood to end up being the framework of the home, and just how they ties the timber. I believe they used some type of a very solid plant root to bind the wood together.

A further interesting element may be the burial place itself. Very well not merely the tomb, however the statue that had been positioned on the burial place. There have been numerous statue that I possibly could find, from a good person, a good bird, fluff with lengthy horns, and so forth.

We as well heard a brief story right from the neighborhood men and women that stayed for the reason that village. This individual stated that they often set your body with the deceased of their own home while they may be conserving finished the amount of money to maintain a normal meal to conceal your body. Occasionally, there have been individuals who already kept  your body  in their home for about 10 years!

He then continued shared that before they buried the physical body in the tomb; the body must be delivered to the ‘morgue’ initial, which really is a homely house that’s dedicated to keep your body. The transfer of  your body  requires a traditional feast.

Besides the burial place, the people here make traditional clothing also. It really is a handmade, therefore the price will be expensive. Put together some money in case you are interested to get the towel

The second small town that people discovered was Pau village. The positioning is very close with Praiyawang village, that was about 30-minute drive. Pau village is nearly the same with Praiyawang, nevertheless with an increase of variants of the sculpture along with the tomb. I possibly could see different pet figurines, such as for example fluff, turtle, may be the, roosters, and pig even! There is a statue of a guy riding a horse also.

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