Ratenggaro Village


Ratenggaro Village Sumba

Sumba, you’ve outdone yourself. Ratenggaro community has few of the craziest, most exaggerated Brobdingnagian rooftops in the intact of Sumba – the locals told us they move up to 25 metres statuesque.

Ratenggaro community is 50 kilometres southwest of Waitabula. Semipublic buses don’t go all the way; you could overhear a bus to Bondokodi, but you’d love to get an ojek from there. An ojek or personal car from Wainyapu is a preferable secondary.

With its superb seaward emplacement and reasonably close agency structure, Ratenggaro is one of the many commonly visited villages in Sumba. Still don’t that let put you off, as it’s rather spectacular, and there was relieve not another tourist in grasp when we obstructed by.

Villagers do withdraw plus of the “invasion”, and we were offered handicrafts to buy, mostly microscopic wooden carvings. The prices are nice and there is little chafe. As with otherwise villages in Sumba, the justification for the gangly roofs is to reward the Marapu, the ancestor booze.

Their tale is that like many added villages we visited: Ratenggaro was razed by onset and had governing assistance to rebuild. The design was to make a “tourer attraction” by making their roofs the tallest in Sumba. Disregardless that it may be purposely manufactured, its marvellously baronial and the villages here broach their houses as any remaining community – it’s not Disneyland.

During our travel, after the imposed betelnut term, we were invitational to see the region of one of the houses. We were shown an stunning compendium of yellow feet and feathers – parts of sacrificed animals kept for bully juju. Whatever 500 metres from the village along the come, an construction of monumental tombs lines the seacoast. From this wee foreland, the compass sensing support towards the hamlet, with the tombs in the foreground, and spires of the roofs reflected on the river recess, is magic.

Crosswise the river from Rantenggaro, lies the equally efficacious village of Waingapu. As the crow flies, Waingapu is only 500 metres departed, withal it’s 14-kilometre moving traveling. We heard there are crocodiles in the river, so it may be prudent to defect before attempting to span on walk at low feed.

Ratenggaro village is 50 kilometres sou’west of Waitabula. National buses don’t go all the way; you could acquire a bus to Bondokodi, but you’d know to get an ojek from there. An ojek or snobbish car from Waingapu is a desirable choice.

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