Eastern Indonesia, especially Sumba Island is known for the beautiful natural tourism potential with beaches that are very exotic. Serving scenery combined with a culture of making enthusiasts and visitors endlessly amazed enjoy dashyatnya this earthly paradise. That is at least the impression I had when searching multiple travel sites on the island are rich with cashew nut crops.

Its area is 10,710 km², with a highest point of Mount Wanggameti (1,225 m). In the northwest, bordering on Sumbawa, while Flores in the northeast, in the eastern part of Timor, and Australia in the south and southeast.

Sumba Strait lies in the north of the island. In the east lies the Savu Sea and the Indian Ocean in the south and west.

Administratively, this island including the East Nusa Tenggara province. The island itself consists of four districts: West Sumba, West Sumba, Central Sumba and East Sumba.

Waingapu largest city, the capital of East Sumba district. In the city there are also airports and seaports connecting the island of Sumba with other islands in Indonesia as the island of Sumbawa, Flores and Timor Island.

One week from 26 Mei- June 1, 2014 I was the island where priests redemtoris (Redemptorist) is working. During their stay on the island, I tried to explore it, to mix with friendly people, enjoying dances, culinary tasting, and visiting tourist attractions, traditional villages and houses Sumba culture.

Apparently one week is too short to be able to walk around and enjoy the natural beauty of this island. Some of the locations that I can visit are:

1. Weekuri Lake

Danau Weekuri

Weekuri lake is a tourist attraction in the area of ??North Kodi. Passing through teak forests and indigenous villages and houses are typical, as well as extensive grassland panorama tersuguhkan along the way to this place.

After traveling for about 2 hours from where I stay, I arrived at the lake Weekuri. Tiredness and fatigue relieved at the sight of the lake with blue water is clear and lucid.

Nature is beautiful and stunningly made me pause and admire its beauty stunned as he sat on the edge of the lake.

Some children and adults plunge and swim and bathe in this lake. Heart’s desire would want to do the same. Unfortunately, dusk had started to arrive and we had to leave. Photographed and narcissistic enough with the background panorama of Lake Weekuri make this heart a little relieved.

According to local residents, the lake is the star tourist attraction in Southwest Sumba. There is no other place that can match the beauty of the lake with salt water and natural atmosphere that is elegant and pretty.

2. Coastal Cliffs Mandorak

Pantai Mandorak

The beach is located in the District of North Kodi. When visiting this place I was treated to views of the exotic cliffs at the end of the cliffs. The cliffs are stocky if menatang waves.

I accidentally walked barefoot up the soft white sand directly touch my feet. I let my tired feet is united with the soft white sand is warm.

About 200 meters from the beach, the house is clearly visible in the style of Sumba stand. Apparently the house is owned by a citizen of France.

3. Ratenggaro Beach

Pantai Ratenggaro

With lips curving white sandy beaches, the waves roll onto the beach Ratenggaro not exhausted roaring. Adjacent to the area of custom homes overlooking the open sea beach is white sand dihampari decorated with a number of old stone tomb shaped like ancient megalithic menhir.

Ratenggaro itself is actually the name of the traditional village which is now part Ratenggaro Village area, District Bangedo Kodi, Sumba Barat Daya, Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. The distance is about 35 km to the southwest Tambolaka.

4. Bwanna Beach

Bwanna Beach

Bawana beach, which is located in the region of Kodi, Sumba Barat Daya is still rarely visited. This beach turned out to be for some people Sumba is still considered new as a tourism vehicle. In fact, beaches ‘newly discovered’ has a unique beauty.

There’s a cliff approximately 5 meters tall with a big hole in the middle or the so-called reef holes penetrate to the inner side, so it looks like a gate, stands firmly on the lips shores. So this form need not be the way you are looking to Europe.

Nan white sand and clear blue water, plus the waves chasing each other to the limit of the beach guaranteed to make the visitors spellbound. Worthy to be visited.

This beach has long existed, but by local people who know the beauty of this beach does not know what to do with this beach than just a relaxing place for them. Until finally only known by local government since the last few months.

5. Pero Beach

Pero beach famous for its beaches harbor the fishermen because around this place there are the fishing village that day – the day doing activities to catch fish as the main livelihood.

The activities of the fishermen is very unique because it uses ways – traditional and environmentally friendly way in to catch fish.
The visitors can directly order the fish caught by fishermen for baking.

Located 45 Km from the Capital District Tambolaka Southwest Sumba, well maintained paved roads, public transportation available in the form of the microbus and motorcycle taxis. Accommodation and lodging in the city only Tambolaka.

One week it’s still not enough to get along all the beaches in Sumba. According to my friend who is a priest, Father Willy, CSSR, “Sumba has many beautiful beaches, white sand and be able to look in the mirror. The magnificent land of our birth. ”