About Sumba

Bwanna Beach South West - West Sumba

Sumba is an island which is currently unknown but many give you beauty. You can find the island in the eastern part of Indonesia is in a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Sumba island has an area about twice the size of Bali but with one-sixth of the population of Bali. Many other islands in Indonesia consists of high volcanoes, hills and has a mountainous surface. Sumba island is divided into four districts: South-West-Sumba (South), West-Sumba (West), Central-Sumba (Sumba Tengah) and East Sumba but to make it easy to find our lovely highlights divided into West Sumba – (South- West – and the West-Sumba) and East Sumba (Central – and East Sumba). East-West Sumba is from the dryer – Sumba and for that you can see the beautiful savanna there, If you want to see the beautiful greenery that surrounds the village you have to go to West Sumba