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Weekuri Lake

Weekuri Lake is the water of this lake is crystal clear. Sometimes you think you can stand because you can so easily see the bottom but it is 2,5 meters deep. Sumbanese inhabitants go here often on Sundays but midweeks you will probably have the lake all for yourself. It is a very popular lake as you can swim in it but also enjoy the view it offers. You can climb up a little hill which gives you a view over the ocean but you can also have an overview over the lake. Even from approximately 10 meters above the lake you can still see the bottom and where stones or greenery lay in the water. The lake is filled with the water from the sea because there is a small opening in the rock which let the water through. The highlight is close to other beautiful spots Sumba has to offer in the West but this is the place where you want to cool down of the hot temperatures.