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What can i book with exploresumba.com

At exploresumba.com you can book fully organized trips. These can be booked along with flights and hotels if you wish to. At exploresumba.com you can also book domestic flights, so if you are arriving with an international flight we can help you to get to the other islands if that’s is where you’re heading. The possibilities are endless, we can organize the real adventurous trips if that is what you like and if you prefer to be it more of a relaxing holiday with your family and kids this is also possible! Our range goes from two/three-day trips to fully custom made holidays. You can enter the rainforest to see the most remotely living cultures or to see the most unique plants and animals. Or if you prefer to see the unique world under the surface of the ocean and see some of the most beautiful diving spots from around the world. If you are coming to Indonesia and want a bit less adventure because it is your honeymoon, a vacation with smaller kids or just prefer the relaxing kind of holiday with the beautiful sceneries and the sun going down behind the mountains you’ve still come to the right place!

What do i have to make sure before i enter Indonesia?

Most importantly your passport, it has to be valid at least 6 months from the date of entry. If this is not the case you will not get a visa and you will have to return to the place you came from.
Health and travel insurance, in case you need to see a doctor it is very wise to have everything you need for the hospital close by. Often times, If something happens with you and you cannot prove you have an insurance or don’t have enough money to pay, the hospital will not even help you. Also travel insurance just in case your belongings get stolen or get damaged. This way you can often replace most of it, or at least get a part of the money back.

How and where can i get a visa for Indonesia and how long will it be valid?

When you enter the country you can buy a tourist visa for USD 35. This will remain valid for 30 days, if you want to stay longer you can extend it once by a maximum of another 30 days. To get one of these visa you can go to the Indonesian embassy in your own country, or buy one on arrival. You can buy one at either an airport or a seaport. When you buy the visa make sure you have the money available in cash, coins won’t be accepted. If you can’t pay the exact amount you will receive change, change will always be given to you in Rupiah. The following air- and seaports will sell you a visa on arrival.

Authorized Airports:

Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta, NgurahRai airport in Bali, Sultan SyarifHasim airport in Pekanbaru, Tabing airport in Padang, Juanda airport of Surabaya and the Sam Ratulangi airport in Manado.

Authorized Seaports:

While authorized seaports are Batam, the Sekupang, Batuampar, Nongsa, Marina, TelukSenimba, Bandar Brintan, TalaniLagoi and Bandar Sri Udana Labon in the Riau archipelago, Sri BintanPura in Tanjung Pinang, Belawan port and Sibolga in North Sumatra, YosSudarsoTanjung Perak in Surabaya, TelukBayur of Padang, TanjungPriok at Jakarta, Padang Bai and Benoa in Bali, the port of Jayapura, Bitung, TanjungBalaiKarimun, Tanjung Mas in Central Java, Tenua and Maumere in East Nusa Tenggara, Pare-Pare and SoekarnoHatta port in South Sulawesi.

How easily can I communicate with the Indonesian people without speaking the language myself?

When you are in the more touristic places this will not be a problem. However when you head out to the smaller villages the amount of English speaking people will rapidly decrease. So it would definitely be a good idea to bring a phrasebook, also a good idea would be to learn some of the basic sentences. It is much easier than you think!!

Should I bring malaria pills?

Because Indonesia is in a tropical area there is a malaria risk. The only exceptions are Eastern and Western Java and Bali. All the other islands are certainly a malaria risk zone. If you are staying for just a few weeks we would definitely recommend using them, having the chance of ruining your lifetime trip by simply a few pills would not be worth it!

What food do they mainly serve in Indonesia?

The daily diet here exists mainly of rice, noodles, chicken and fish. These will be prepared in a great variety of ways, often either fried or boiled and served with a soup. You will often see Warungs (little restaurants at the side of the road) serving Nasi/Mie goreng (fried rice/noodles) with spices and vegetables. Westerners often rate the food as sweet or quite spicy. Having said this, the food can be really good at the more upmarket restaurants. The more upmarket restaurants can sometimes cost you up to 3/4 times as much as a Warung, this will often still be 30-50.000 Rupiah (USD 3-5). In the highly touristic parts of Bali and Java you can find loads of western restaurants, these are often more expensive. Also you can find the known fast-food chains from Europe and America, like: McDonalds, Burger King and KFC.

What is the cost of living in Indonesia?

This totally depends on the way you want your holiday to look like. If you plan on travelling a lot by plane and want to see a lot the cost will of course go up real quick. But if you are just traveling over a much smaller piece of Indonesia and eat at the Warung or cheaper restaurants, go for the smaller hostels you can certainly manage with 20-25 USD per day. This can get cheaper when travelling as a couple or with friends, as you can split rooms and bills.
Indonesia in general is a safe country, violent crime is a rare occurrence. Smaller crimes do happen a lot, but this will mainly happen in the more touristic spots where there is more money to be spent. But this happens all around the world in big cities. So keep your belongings on a safe spot, especially in crowds. When you just keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention around you, it is likely nothing will happen. Often women travel around in Indonesia, they encounter few problems. Westerners do receive more attention, this can come in sincere compliments from waiters, tour guides etc to the less desirable car-honking or shouting. Good ways to avoid this is to dress conservatively or travel around with a male companion.