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Matayangu Waterfall Sumba

A big impressive jungle with a reward at the end is what you can expect from the National Park Manupeu. The plants, trees, greenery is unlimited in this place. The one thing that is made by men in this place is that occasionally a stick is tabbed in the ground so you can hold on to it or sometimes a staircase is made.

For most of the staircases you can barely see it is made by men because the nature covers it with greenery, it is damaged by the rain but it does not make it less safe or difficult to walk through this beautiful surface.

The deeper you go into the jungle the clearer you can hear the birds sing. At the end of the little trip through the jungle waits a spectacular waterfall which is one of a kind. the park is very easy to get with the car but once there you have to proceed by food. You can choose if you want a guide which will show you the path and you can even be joined by someone who can carry you bags, but you can also choose to live the amazing adventure by yourself.