Bawana Beach

Sumba like a hidden paradise felt it was very fitting, considering the number of beautiful locations that is still unspoiled. One of them is the Bawana Beach, which is on site Kodi, Sumba Barat Daya. Turkish Bawana, in fact, for some people of Sumba and is still considered to be new as a tourism vehicle. In fact, beaches ‘newly discovered’ this has extraordinary beauty.

the cliffs as high as approximately 5 meters with a big hole in the middle as well as the so-called coral holes penetrating to the side, so it looked sort of a gate, stands firmly on the shoreline. Nan white sand and clear blue water, plus the waves chasing the visitors will be amazed.

“People know but morbidly Area feels that it should be reported. People are used to go there, but not yet popular. Pastor Robert portraying the first time and put it on canvas “explained Pastor Willy Ngongo, Redemptorist.

after receiving reports from the public that this Bawana Beach can be exhibited to all the archipelago, local government and immediately improve the infrastructure heading to the beach. Understandably first no road access to the location.

The local government eventually see this as the tourism potential that can grow in the last days. Turkish Bawana sort of other beaches can be 1 tourist destination on the island of Sumba which can bring so many tourists both domestic and foreign tourist. “This time is underway asphalt road access to this beach,” said Pastor Willy, Romo birth Kodi, Sumba this.

not only the gate coral iconic Bawana Beach, visitors can love the beauty of the beach as well as others. Exactly Bawana Turkish side, is still on the same coastline, there are also beaches are no less graceful. The beach is named Watumalado. for serving white sand beaches and clear blue sea and some rocks towering in the middle of the ocean and the beach.

Visitors who want to go to the beach Bawana, from Jakarta can opt for flights to Sumba Island, off at Tambolaka Airport. general aircraft will transit in advance at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, Bali to replace a small plane to the airport Tambolaka. and from Tambolaka Airport followed by driving a taxi or Travel to the beach Bawana, taken at approximately 1 hour.