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Mau Hau


Upon arrival at the airport of Tambolaka in Waitabula, meet the guide and we will begin the Sumba tour. First we will visit the traditional village Ratenggaro in the Kodi area. Here we will see the traditional high rooftops houses (there are actually the highest rooftops in whole Sumba) made traditionally and all by hand. This village is one of a just a few traditional villages left in the area. The village looks like just a small compound of some houses but house can accommodate up to 50 family members. In the harvesting season most of the villagers will stay in their field to work. The elders and children will stay in the village during this time.

Just a 5 minute ride from this village we can enjoy a view over the ocean. Locals normally walk their horses and cows to the area so be sure to have your camera ready for some good shots.

From Ratenggaro we will drive to visit the secret beach of Watu Malandong and Bwanna where you have the beautiful view of both beaches from one point. We go down on both of the beaches and enjoy the beauty from a different point of view. The beach of Bwanna is a long clear and colorful sand beach. The beach is located under a majestic cliff heading to the Indian Ocean which makes this place extraordinary. Whilst the beauty is unquestionable, this beach is still unknown by most tourists, which makes it almost private and very clean. Enjoy the day in a quiet beach till the sunset and transfer back to the hotel.

Meals:   Lunch – Dinner

Accommodation:  Hotel in South West Sumba

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Ratenggaro Village

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Bwanna Beach


Breakfast at the hotel and we will head to Weekuri Lake, a crystal clear lake that is a perfect place to swim and to relax. Spend some time in the lake by taking a short (or long) dip. Do not miss out to walk around the rocks and reef where you can also see the Ocean from one side. Next to the Weekuri Lake we will find Mandorak Beach, guarded with 2 huge rock ridges pointing to the middle, this beach has also crystal clear water. From Mandorak beach, we will continue our journey to West-Sumba. We will stop at one of the many nice villages in the Lamboya & Wanokaka district in a village called Waigali. Waigali is a village located on top of a hill where we will have a spectacular view. It is  one of the oldest villages that is still very much alive in Sumba, we will get to know the island better and better. After the village visit, we will transfer back to the hotel in Waikabubak and day 2 of the Sumba tour is complete.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel in West Sumba

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Mandorak Beach

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Weekuri Lake


Today we will start our trip to visit the La Popu waterfall. The waterfall La Popu is a natural waterfall that is located in Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park, this waterfall consists of plenty of steeply slopes. The slopes rise from the sea reaching a height of 600 meters. Unlike the other waterfalls in Sumba, Lapopu is very famous and often visited by the locals because it is not hard to reach. Our trip continues to the village Praijing, a traditional village uphill surrounded by lots of greenery. This is one of the few villages where we can actually have a beautiful overview of the entire village and draw an idea how the village is created. When we  walk around the village we will see that the elders occupy most of the houses and the kids are always around to share their smiles. From Praijing, we will make a short visit to yet two other villages named Tarung – Waitabar. Both villages are located next to each other (literally!) and are still very much alive. These villages are located inside the capital of Waikabubak, and the villagers still are practicing what they practice since the old times, a clear example of how tradition can persist inside a more modern city. After the visit to the villages our Sumba travelling for the day is done and we head back to the hotel.

Meals: Lunch – Dinner

Accommodation:  Hotel in West Sumba

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Praijing Village

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Lapopu Waterfall


After breakfast we are going will start day 4 of the Sumba tour by going to East-Sumba and visit  Waingapu. On the way to Waingapu we will stop in Central-Sumba. We will visit Pasunga village in the Anakalang district just 20 kilometers east from Waikabubak. Here we can find lots of tombs throughout the traditional village, with one that stands out in particular from the others. After that we continue our drive to Waingapu, where we will pass the savannah of Wairinding.  The savannah of Warinding better known by the locals as Bukit Warinding is a place to enjoy the unlimited greenery of the hills or (goldish view if it is the dry season). Clear your mind by enjoying the widespread view. After Warinding we will arrive in Waingapu and we will transfer to the hotel to check in. If we are in time to watch the sunset, we will go to Bukit Mauhau where you can rest against a huge tree and witness a beautiful sunset like no other.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel in East Sumba

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Bukit Wairinding

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Pasunga Village


The last day of exploring Sumba is here. But before you go to the airport, we want to show you one more spot which you will be visiting before you leave the Island. The “Bukit Persaudaraan”, the hills where you can stand on one of the highest points and have a look at the landscape that Sumba has to offer. You can see the lands with agriculture from above here and is very close to the airport. The Sumba tour has ended and the driver will escort you to the airport to catch the flight to your next destination.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: –

Price Include

  • Transfer as per the itinerary.
  • 1 Night accommodation at South West Sumba
  • 2 Nights accommodation at West Sumba
  • 1 night accommodation at East Sumba
  • Tours and visit with English Speaking Guide
  • Meals as per the program itinerary
  • All Entrance fees and donations
  • Mineral Water

Price Exclude

  • Flight tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Soft drink, juice and alcohol
  • Personal expenses such as; tip to guide and/ or driver, laundry, telephone calls, alcoholic beverages
    Extra cost due to causes greater than our control, for example; delays or flight cancellations, etc.
  • Everything not mentioned in “included”.