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This document should answer most of your doubt on what to prepare your trip in Indonesia with us.

There are a lot of detailed information in this document, please read it throughly.

We need to know your contact details or where will you be before commencing the trip to be able to reach you incase of emergency. It is important to check your e-mail whenever possible included in the transit airport. This is because we will try all possible way to inform our guests incase there is a change on the flight schedule or the trip that caused by force major.

We also need your contact back home that we can reach incase of emergency.

  • Airports: Passport and Visa

Passport had to be valid for minimum 6 months when you enter Indonesia, and there should be minimum 2 blank pages on the passport.

Indonesia grants Visa Free for 45 countries so far. Please find the link to see more detail about visa info:

Arrival in Indonesia

Arriving in Indonesia, you will need to pass the immigration and customs. The form of both normally will be distributed on the airplane before arrival. Fill all details needed on the form with black or blue ink pen.

If you don’t have time to fill it on the airplane, there are desks where you can stop by to write down the form calmly before passing the immigration.

Arriving the immigration, you must join the queue based on the description on the board. Please prepare:

– Your return flight ticket

– Passport

– Immigration form

– Cash of USD35* (for Visa on Arrival – incase you need one)

Important Noted: Visa Free is granted for 30 days only. If your visit to Indonesia is more than 30 days, you have to purchase Visa on Arrival and extend the visa in the immigration office in the city, minimum 1 week before your visa expired.

Do not loose the Departure Card from the immigration, they will collect them back by the time you leave the country.

Visa Free at the moment can only be obtain in several major airports:

1) Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta (CGK)
2) Ngurah Rai – Bali (DPS)
3) Kualanamu, Medan (KNO)
4) Juanda – Surabaya (SUB)
5) Hang Nadim – Batam (BTH)


Passing the immigration, you will need to collect your luggage and passing the X-Ray of Customs. Depends on the airports, some required all luggages to be passing the X-Ray machine. The customs form will be submitted here. The customs check randomly luggage to be opened and observed. Do not bring it alcohol or cigarette more than permitted. You can only bring 1 liter of alcohol per person. If you are a smoker, Indonesia cigarette costs a lot cheaper than in most country and is very easy to find.


There are several Money Changers at the airport although the rate is not best. If you don’t actually need to change the money right away, there is a good private company called BMC or Bali Maspintjinra that offer the best rate all over Bali.

Airport Transfer:

If you contracted the tours through us, there will always be a person from our agency that you can find at the airport. He will hold a board with your name, right on the exit gate of the airport. If you don’t find him there, please keep looking for awhile as situation can get hectic at the airport especially in the peak hours.

If you still cannot find him, please contact us through our 24h emergency number. You will find our contact number in the voucher that we will send you upon receiving complete payment.


If upon arrival in Indonesia you find our that your luggage does not arrived, please go to the LOST & FOUND office at the airport to reclaim your luggage. Please inform them your next destination, and give our contact number so we can help to follow up.

You need to request for reclaim number, name and phone number of the person in charge, phone number of the Lost and Found Office. Please take photos of all the information needed and send us by e-mail or whatsapp.


Per December 2015

1 USD = 13.500 Rupiah

1 EUR = 14.600 Rupiah

There are a lot of Money Changers in Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, Makassar and Jogjakarta. But less option on the other cities. If you are heading to a smaller area, it’s best to change the money beforehand to avoid problem.

Money Changers (also Banks) only take new bills with no flaws. Bills of 50 or 100 value higher than 20, 10 or 5.

Travel Cheque also can be exchanged at the Money Changers but value lower than bills. Banks take it with minimum 10% commission.

As per February 2015, All airport taxes has been included in the price of the tickets, include the International airport tax. In some airport, you will see some insurance desks offering their products, these are not obligatory.

Do NOT change the money in the small shops even when they seems to offer a better rate. These are scams.


When check in your luggage in your city of origin, please double check that the luggage tag is correct. If your city of arrival in Indonesia is Jakarta, please note the luggage tag should be CGK, or DPS for Bali.

We suggest to double check the luggage tag when you are traveling in Indonesia as well. This is to avoid problem with missing luggage.

Pangkalanbun = PKN

Labuan Bajo: LBJ

Maumere = MOF

Makassar = UPG

Jogjakarta = JOG

Surabaya = SUB

Manado = MDC

Sorong = SOQ

Most of the International airlines give 25-30 KGs free luggage allowance and 10 KG of hand cary. Low cost would be different, please check to the airlines directly.

Domestic airlines give 10-20 KGS of free luggage allowance, and 5-10 Kg of hand carry, depends on the airlines and type of aircrafts.

Any excess would be weigh and paid directly at the airport counter.


Indonesias has a tropical climate, the average temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celcius, and somewhat humid. Indonesia only have 2 seasons: dry and wet. November – March are rainy season. As the size of Indonesia is super big, the rain does not apply at the same time at the whole country, nor will it rain the whole period. In some areas, the rainy season means 2-3 hours of rain in the morning or in the afternoon.

Best months for traveling is April to October when it is more dry.


Malaria is a big problem in Indonesia, especial in the Eastern part: Nusa Tenggara, Flores, Maluku, and Papua. In the area of Lombok, Sulawesi, Bali and Java, Malaria also exists although not common.

Mosquitos that spreads Malaria normally comes out during sunset time. It is important to take the pills to avoid Malaria before arriving in Indonesia, incase you are traveling to these areas, elsewhere bring along a good DEET mosquito repellent and apply generously during the trip.


There are more than 70 active volcanoes in Indonesia. Some explosion like what happened in Sangian, Raung or Rinjani, have caused many airports closed temporarily.

If there is any problem caused by Force Majeur that could delay or cancel the trip, we will do our best to assist our guests. We will give options that guests can choose: refund (whenever possible), alternative ways to reach the destination, alternatives of activities or tours, etc, etc. We will do our best to help and assist the guests to keep the trip enjoyable and minimize the extra costs needed. Guests, however, have to understand that the changes made is beyond our control and there might be an extra costs for this that should not be bear by us.

We cannot predict nor know before hand if something is going to happened. Guests are recommended to purchase travel insurance on their own.

You may check further details the term and condition on our website.


General Stuff

– Flight tickets (and copy)

– Passport with Visa (or Visa stamped, and copy)

– Travel Insurance

– Personal medication (incude contact lenses)

– Waterproof bag to put all important documents

– All documents for your trip: vouchers, tickets, contacts

– Credit card (in some major cities, credit card are widely accepted in restaurants and shops, charge might be applied)

– Cash in Euro or USD

– Camera, Baterry and Charger

– Adaptor (We are using 220V in Indonesia)

– Toileterries

– Sunscreen and Sunglasses

– International driving license (incase you plan to drive on your own)

– Mosquito Repellend with DEET


– Comfortable pants and shirt

– Comfortable walking shoes (or trekking shoes if your trip include some trekk) and sandals

– Shorts

– Couple of pairs of socks

– Waterproof Jacket


– Dive Insurance

– Dive certificate

– Certificate of Nitrox, for those who are using Nitrox.

– Dive equipment except Tanks and Weights

– Swimsuit/Dive suit

– Adaptor DIN a INT

– Flashlight

– Suncreen SPF +40

– Waterproof bags


– Bring a long small backpack to bring the important stuff you need for daily trip. You may leave the rest of the luggage at the hotel.

– Travel Insurance, which covers trekking and sport risk.

– Trekking shoes, preferably Goretex

– Pullover as it could get chill in the night

– Raincoat and Hats

– Small flashlight or head flashlight

– Towel

– Wet Tissue

One last Notes

Scan or make photos of your passport and any other important documents that you will need during the trip and send it to your own e-mail. Incase your travel documents are missing, you will always have your own copies.