Lamboya and Wanokaka districtadmin


South of Waikabubak with beautiful beaches and villages like Pantai Marosi and Kampung Waigali to astonishing waterfalls like Lai Popu, that is the Lamboya & Wanokaka district in West-Sumba. It also offers numerous of rice fields, palm plantations, sloping hills, river valleys and sweeping bays. There is so much to explore that you have make difficult choices which highlight you want to see. You can also visti the Pasola-fields in the south as they are a stage to perform on for the Pasola-warriors in February and March each year. This area is really easy to get because it is just south of Waikabubak. This part of the island will already give you memories that you will not forget as it is one of the most beautiful area with all it has to offer.