The 10 Best Beaches in Sumba Island

Beaches in Sumba island

Sumba lies on the east of Bali, situated between the islands of Komodo and Sumbawa, and directly facing the Indian Ocean, the island has many beaches that you don’t want to miss during your visit. The beaches in Sumba are also heavens for surfers. It has magnificent endless sea as far as the eye can see, perfect waves for surfers, and the glorious sunset spots.
In Sumba, you will find out that most of the beaches there are not crowded yet by tourists, or we like to call them as “virgin” beaches. Moreover, each beach has its own unique nature, specifically the beauty of the sunset panorama you shouldn’t miss.

Best beach in sumba - Sumba island beaches -Indonesia

The best beaches in Sumba island

Sumba’s tourism attractions aren’t far away from its wonderful natural beauties and rich culture. You can visit a lot of beautiful beaches in Sumba which are mostly empty of other tourists, which can be a great advantage for a more adventurous journey. Most of the beaches here are the classic tropical heaven. White sandy stretch and turquoise clear water are the common traits of the beaches in Sumba, with picturesque panorama.

Here are the 10 best beaches in Sumba Island if you want to start exploring the island!

1. Weekuri Lake

Weekuri Lake’s water is so clear that you can see the shallow-looking sandy floor, and you might think that you can stand in the water but it is actually around 2,5 meters deep. People of Sumba likes to go here on Sundays, but you will probably have the lake all for yourself on weekdays.

You can climb up a little hill which gives you a view over the ocean but you can also have an overview over the lake. Even from approximately 10 meters above the lake yon can still see the bottom and where stones or greenery lay in the water.

The lake is filed with the water from the sea because there is a small opening in the rock which let the water through. The highlight is close to other beautiful spots Sumba has to offer in the West but this is the place where you want to cool down of the hot temperatures.

Weekuri Lake – Explore Sumba Island Indonesia
Mandorak Beach – Explore Sumba Island Indonesia

2. Mandorak Beach

The water of the Mandorak Beach is the same water which flows into the Weekuri Lake which is another nearby tourist attraction. So, it is no surprise that the water here is also crystal clear. It is a very small, white sandy beach with two rocks pointing to each other which gives an exotic appearance and feeling. You can climb up on the rocks and watch the ocean makes its way to this beach while other waves slash into the cliff next to the beach.

3. Pero Beach

Pero is one of the hidden beaches in Sumba Island due to its unpopularity and secluded location, though. As the name suggests, the beach is located in Pero Kodi Village and it belongs to Kodi Sub-District. Here is the best place to enjoy a beautiful sunset and witness the majestic waves! So, what we can do in Pero Beach? The first recommended thing to do is to enjoy beach walking. It is because the sand looks so exotic and feels so comfortable on feet. The next popular thing to do in Pero Beach is indeed surfing. As mentioned before, the beach features wonderful waves with their strong current.

Pero – Explore Sumba Island
Mbawana Beach Sumba island - Explore Sumba Indonesia

4. Mbawana Beach

With the unparallel beauty of this beach, it does not matter how many pictures you take; the memory of this place will always be more beautiful. You can enjoy the view from a cliff which is right in the middle of Mbawana and Watu Malandong Beach which gives a unique view of two different beaches. This beach is not very well known but because of that the beach is almost private and it is very clean. Its located in the south-west regency of Sumba around 1,5-hour drive of Waítabula and close to other highlights so this is one view, beach, surface and memory that can’t be missed.

5. Watu Malandong Beach

While you standing on a cliff of Bwanna enjoying the view of two beaches, this is one of them called Watu Malandong. Accompanied by two enormous rocks and a more damaged cliff than the one of Bawana, this beach offers a unique view but creates just the opposite feeling you get from Bawana.

Watu Malandong – Explore Sumba Island
Watubela beach - Sumba island beaches -Indonesia

6. Watu Bella Beach

Just like Weekuri Lake, Watu Bella Beach is one of the famous spots for the local people of Sumba to spend their holidays on. Due to its natural forms, the beach offers an amazing view of itself and the surrounding cliffs. Don’t worry about getting here when the sun is on top of your head as thanks to those cliffs, they will provide shades for you. Sometimes you might see some cows or horses just hanging out in the nearby greeneries. Climb the cliffs and you’ll see the stretch of this beach, a nice panoramic view.

7. Marosi Beach

Marosi Beach with its long white sands is a very nice place to have a relaxing and quiet walk on the beach. Like many beaches in Sumba, it is very likely that you will have this beach to yourself since not many tourists visit the place. It is one of the best places for sunset time.

Masori beach sumba island - Explore sumba island beaches in indonesia
Rua beach sumba island indonesia - Explore Sumba island

8. Rua Beach

Rua is one of the beaches in West Sumba with white sands, clear waters, and best for relaxing. Often times you will find some locals come here to fish. If you want, you can join them to do some fishing by renting a boat.

9. Walakiri Beach

Known as a popular sunset spot, Walakiri with the ‘dancing’ trees are perfect to conclude your day and enjoy the sunset. If you walk towards the end of the beach, you can see the sun falling down a group of curvy mangroves. The trees stretch down into the sea until eventually they keep getting smaller and smaller and disappear. With palm trees in the background and the calm and relaxing sound of a peaceful ocean, it is a great place to conclude your trip and to rethink all the things you saw that day.

Walakiri beach sumba - Sumba island beaches -Indonesia
Puru Kambera beach sumba island - Explore sumba island beaches in indonesia

10. Puru Kambera Beach

Puru Kambera beach is located in East Sumba. It is a beautiful beach with almost no people around, means when you come to this place, you will feel the luxury of having a private beach. Sometimes you will find some fisherman of local Sumbanese here as well.

Map of the 10 best beaches on the island of Sumba

In the following map we have marked the best beaches in Sumba island to help you plan your route around the island more easily.

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