The Magical Savannah of Sumba Island

Explore the savannah in Sumba island

Sumba island is not just an unspoiled paradise with quiet and lovely beaches, but it also has stunning waterfalls and breath-taking scenery including the endless hills and savannah. Thatโ€™s why Sumba is a dynamic mystery. With its rugged undulating savannah and low limestone hills knitted together with more maize and cassava.

Savannah Sumba island โ€“ Explore Sumba Island Savannah - Indonesia

The beauties of Sumba Island and its savannah

Sumba offers natural features of hilly and dry landscapes which then result in beautiful savannahs. During rainy season, these landscapes turn lush green which make a perfect background for your Instagram posts!

Sumba island national park bufalo - Explore Sumba island national parks in Indonesia
Wairinding Hill Sumba Savannah โ€“ Explore Sumba Island hills - Indonesia

Wairinding Hill, the magical sunset point in Sumba island

Wairinding Hill, a must-see destination with vast savannah hills that are worthy to visit either in dry season when its yellowish colour complements the sunset, or in the rainy season when it turns lush green. Rice fields of Mauliru features expansive fields with the perfect Instagram-worthy backdrop.

The wonderful tour around the savannah of Sumba Island

Going almost everywhere on this island will make you wonder if youโ€™ve lost somehow. We will take you to different landscapes; hidden valleys, endless savannas and thick forests as haven to almost 200 bird species an incredible amount of flora and fauna. Enjoy road trips with sights of wild horses roaming the fields, and sometimes your way is blocked by the passing bulls, a rare experience you will have from the back of a 4ร—4 as special island safari trip.

Savannah Sumba island horse kid โ€“ Explore Sumba Island Savannah - Indonesia

Map of the Savannah on the island of Sumba

In the following map we have marked the savannah in Sumba island to help you plan your route around the island more easily.

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