The Best Waterfalls of Sumba Island

Waterfalls in Sumba island

Sumba is not just an unspoiled paradise with quiet and lovely beaches, but it also has stunning waterfalls and breath-taking scenery. A waterfall is one of the most magnificent wonders of nature.
Sumba Island is characterised by limestone hills, with no noteworthy high mountains, unlike other Indonesian islands. As a result, the waterfalls here are likewise rather little, despite their beauty.

Lapopu waterfall – Explore Sumba Island waterfalls in Indonesia

The best waterfalls in Sumba island

When visiting Sumba Island, there are numerous waterfalls that you can find. Waterfalls that are still very natural and have not been touched by commercialization. Indeed, the existence of these waterfalls is like an oases and a hidden paradises in the middle of the hot sun and dry air on Sumba.

Here are some of the greatest waterfalls on Sumba Island that you should not miss.

1. Lapopu Waterfall

Lapopu Waterfall offers a perfect combination between excitement and relaxing. In just an hour of the city Waikabubak this is not far from the central point of the west regency of Sumba. The adventure can be experienced in different ways. On one hand you could relax on a spot where you can easily sit and enjoy the fantastic waterfall, have lunch, having a rest or just relaxing.

On the other hand, you could try to enter the waterfall by swimming into a strong current which gives you a refreshing satisfaction while you are standing under the waterfall surrounded by a magnificent environment. The waterfall is on top split in halve which reflects the surroundings, one half enters the water calmly and one half enters the water with power.

Lapopu waterfall – Explore Sumba Island waterfalls in Indonesia
Waikacura Waterfall - Explore Sumba Island waterfalls - Indonesia

2. Waikacura Waterfall

Waikacura waterfall is located in between of South West Sumba and West Sumba. The waterfall gives you a beautiful view for it is located in the middle of the ricefield. The water comes from the rice field irrigation, and you need about 5-10 minutes walking to get the waterfall from the parking area.

3. Matanyangu Waterfall

Matanyangu Waterfall does not present itself freely, you have to through an amazing jungle first. Accompanied by a guide if you choose so, you work your way through plants and stepping over huge tree trunks while you’re enjoying the view of fantastic environment. At the end of the walk, you come to this waterfall.

In the wet-season of the year the waterfall is even more powerful. When you are coming close to the plunge pool it looks like it starts to rain. But actually, this is not the case, the waterfall produces so much water and power that a part of it is spread over the surface which makes it look like it’s raining.

Matayangu Waterfall - Explore Sumba Island waterfalls - Indonesia
Waimarang waterfall – Explore Sumba Island waterfalls - Indonesia

4. Waimarang Waterfall

Waimarang waterfall is not a very well-known one and very little tourists make it to this wonderful place, because it is hard to find on your own. The way to the waterfall is not an easy one but the view at the end of the trek is absolutely worth it. The trek down is pretty adventurous and will make you sweat for sure. But once you arrive down at the waterfall you will find yourself looking at a swimming pool where you can cool down and take a refreshing bath.

5. Tanggedu Waterfall

Tanggedu Waterfall has cliffs that are very similar to the Grand Canyon which has high rock reliefs that look very beautiful & unique. The steep cliffs flanking the waterfall are located on the left and right sides, making the flow of water that falls very enchanting with clear and bluish water. The height of Tanggedu Waterfall is only about 8 M, but the water flow is very heavy. The winding cliffs make the flow even more beautiful.

All the fatigue you feel when you go to this waterfall will be paid off by the natural beauty that is so incredibly beautiful and calm. This tour is still managed independently by the local residents. The forest around this waterfall is still very well maintained, so the forest atmosphere is still natural and cool.

Tanggedu Waterfall - Explore Sumba Island waterfalls Indonesia

Map of the best waterfalls on the island of Sumba

In the following map we have marked the best waterfalls in Sumba island to help you plan your route around the island more easily.

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