Discover the most vivid scenery and ancient culture of Sumba. Explore Sumba offers a wider selection of activities suitable for your wish of the day, whether you are looking for social interactions with locals, special interests, or simply leisure activities with your family or friends. We like to suggest authentic events that promote local communities. Many of our everyday activities in Sumba were designed in collaboration with the family members of local crew so that you can get a true feeling of what Sumbanese life is like. Sumba is charming in every way, from its South West / West Sumba and East Sumba regions, from mountains to the sea, from city life to traditional village and culture, from art to tribal people. Sumba Island is also a surfer’s dream come true.

Best day trips in Sumba island

So, what are your options? Embark on a wonderful experience in Ratenggaro village tour, ride a horse across the savannah and enjoy breathtaking views of the endless hills and virgin beaches; whether you want to learn about Sumbese culture, explore old tombs, or simply go for a climb to enjoy the nicest view, Sumba has it all! Sumba Island offers a wide range of landscapes, cultural exploration, and emotionally loaded activities. There is something for everyone! Every day, our Sumba 1-Day Trip Package is ready to go. If you only have one day in Sumba and want to fill it with activities in West or East Sumba, this is the package for you. Either after breakfast at the hotel, or upon your arrival at the airport, we will pick you up and start the day. Here we have list some great day tours that you can enjoy with your loved ones, your friends or during a family holiday!