When you travel to Sumba Island on one of our luxury trips, you’ll have the option to stay at Nihi Sumba, which has been voted “Best Hotel in the World” for the past two years. The villas at this eco-friendly luxury resort are located on “The Edge of Wilderness,” in a remote area of Sumba Island away from popular tourist attractions, and include an excellent personal butler who can arrange anything from sunset horseback riding to a private boat cruise, or simply pampering yourself during your luxury retreat in front of its 2.5 km of white sand beach and turquoise waters. Sumba is known for its rugged rolling hills savannas and virgin beaches hills, villages with tall roof traditional houses, clustered around unique megalithic tombs in which villagers still pay homage to their ancestors in ancient belief of Marapu. They have preserved most of the indigenous culture and traditions for generations.

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Nihi Sumba asserts leisure and understated luxury, as well as providing lasting memories that allow visitors to reconnect with a life lived simply, healthily, and mindfully. The resort and its main complex in West Sumba cover an area of 567 hectares. All of the villas are situated on terraces and have private patios. Nihi Sumba was founded with the goal of protecting and preserving the island’s distinctive culture, as well as encouraging local people to sustain themselves and their families and give them with opportunities to better their lives. Embrace the opportunity to experience an extraordinary adventure in the wilderness yet surrounded by all of the luxuries.