The beautiful saltwater lake of Weekuri, Walakiri Beach with its dancing trees, vast Puru Kambera savannah, and other unique attractions can all be found on the island of Sumba. As Sumba provides you with all its best natural & cultural features, we have created unique packages for you. You won’t have to worry about finding a hotel in Sumba, transportation, guides, or deciding which attractions in Sumba to see, as well as entrance fees and other costs. We are attentive about your vacation plans, so you can book the perfect Sumba tour package with us.

Best private tours in Sumba island

Here you can find fantastic Sumba Island vacation packages created by our team of dedicated travel designers. We also organize honeymoons, adventure (a blend of culture and environment), photography, and pre-wedding excursions at Explore Sumba. So, take a look at some of our favorite private Sumba Island trips below. Don’t worry about having different ideas, any of the packages listed below can be completely customized to your preferences. Our travel specialists would be happy to help you plan the perfect trip to Sumba Island. Perhaps you can use these packages as a starting point for planning your own vacation to Sumba. In this case, feel free toย contact us to explore how our trip planners can customize your next vacation to Sumba Island.