Sumba Island, with its unique natural features and cultural vibrancy, has recently become one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations. Our Sumba Island tours packages will take you to the most stunning beaches, wildlife, traditional villages, and many other natural beauties of this island, whether you take a trip with your family, loved one, friends, or alone. Sumba is also a great place to go surfing, snorkeling, horseback riding, bird watching, and trekking, among other exciting outdoor activities. Moreover, this island offers limitless spa services.
¡Sumba Island is highly recommended for those looking to get away from it all and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in paradise!

Private tours in Sumba island

The beautiful saltwater lake of Weekuri, Walakiri Beach with its dancing trees, vast Puru Kambera savannah, and other unique attractions can all be found on the island of Sumba. As Sumba provides you with all its best natural & cultural features, we have created unique packages for you. You won’t have to worry about finding a hotel in Sumba, transportation, guides, or deciding which attractions in Sumba to see, as well as entrance fees and other costs. We are attentive about your vacation plans, so you can book the perfect Sumba Island tour package with us.

Special trips to Sumba island

If you’re looking for an adventure that will immerse you in a world of traditional customs, breathtaking natural wonders, and exciting activities, then this is the trip for you. The Sumba Island Special Trips are an opportunity to explore the island’s hidden gems, discover the local culture, traditional festivals and engage in thrilling outdoor activities. With the Sumba Island Special Trips, you’ll get to experience the best that this amazing island has to offer. So pack your bags, bring your adventurous spirit, and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Open trips to Sumba island

Join one of our open trips to Sumba and explore everything the lovely island has to offer! Our Sumba Island Open Trips allow travelers to explore some of the island’s most beautiful attractions at an affordable price as the trip is shared with other travelers of the same interest. Who knows, you’ll get new friends or networks!  Explore the saltwater Weekuri Lake, and learn about the local culture in ethnic villages like Praijing. Hike to wonderful places like Tenggedu Waterfall and Warinding Hill, and look for local treasures!

Day trips in Sumba island

Discover the most vivid scenery and ancient culture of Sumba. Explore Sumba offers a wider selection of activities suitable for your wish of the day, whether you are looking for social interactions with locals, special interests, or simply leisure activities with your family or friends.

Every day, our Sumba 1-Day Trip Package is ready to go. If you only have one day in Sumba and want to fill it with activities in West or East Sumba, this is the package for you. Either after breakfast at the hotel, or upon your arrival at the airport, we will pick you up and start the day.

Pasola Festival Tous

If you want to experience the wonders of the Pasola Festival and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Sumba, don’t hesitate to join one of our tours. Our carefully crafted itinerary will allow you to witness this ancient traditional thanksgiving ceremony firsthand. Contact us today to reserve your spot and create unforgettable memories at the Pasola Festival on Sumba Island!

Luxury trips in Sumba island

When you travel to Sumba Island on one of our luxury trips, you’ll have the option to stay at Nihi Sumba, which has been voted “Best Hotel in the World” for the past two years. The villas at this eco-friendly luxury resort are located on “The Edge of Wilderness,” in a remote area of Sumba Island away from popular tourist attractions, and include an excellent personal butler who can arrange anything from sunset horseback riding to a private boat cruise, or simply pampering yourself during your luxury retreat in front of its 2.5 km of white sand beach.
Embrace the opportunity to experience an extraordinary adventure in the wilderness yet surrounded by all of the luxuries.

Custom itineraries in Sumba island

Our local experienced travel experts will help you to create a custom itinerary to guarantee your time well-spent. We guarantee our customs tours are as unique as you are. In our Sumba custom itineraries, we offer to our travelers a personal experience with better alternatives and added value, from the moment you enquirer until the moment you are back home. Be prepared for surprises!